Using the dual power of aromatic essential oils and acupressure body massage, each SOOL wand contains 4 features for optimal health – for body, and for mind.


Get your daily scrub with SCRUBBER – a ready-to-go drink made with 15 grams of dietary fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics to support your digestive and immune system.


A light, refreshing sparkling beverage that tastes great, and also maximizes your immune system and defense against free radicals using plants, herbs, nutrients, and probiotics.

Our Story

Founded in 1988, as the first company to produce mosquito repellent lotion in Indonesia, Enesis has always had health and wellness at its core. searching for remedies to help you live life to the fullest. This core value further expanded in 1994, when Enesis created Sensa Cools, their first functional beverage Рlaying the foundation for the products we produce today. Throughout constant evolution and expansion from new categories of health and wellness, larger scaled production facilities, and from local to global markets, Enesis continues to develop brands and products that will keep you at your healthiest Рand your happiest Рno matter where you are in the world, or in life.